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Thanksgiving can often be overlooked with the abundance of Halloween and Christmas books out there. It may be because of family birthdays that fall around Thanksgiving or maybe the food and family gatherings without the expense of gifts that makes Thanksgiving special to me but either way I want to share a couple of my favorite Thanksgiving children’s books with you.

Over the River“Over the River: a Turkey’s Tale,” by Derek Anderson is a retelling of the Thanksgiving song by Lydia Maria Child. This is a song I grew up singing and hearing but never heard the full thing. I don’t know why I associated it more with Christmas than Thanksgiving but I was very happy to find this edition of the song illustrated by Anderson.

A simple trip to Grandmother’s house isn’t easy if you are a turkey and it’s turkey season. The comical illustrations do a wonderful job of detailing the trip over the river and through the woods while showing the unsuccessful hunt of a young man and his dog. The resulting feast at Grandmother’s house doesn’t have a roasted turkey but still embraces the sense of family celebration most common on Thanksgiving.
Turk and Runt

It’s not always the strongest and biggest that saves the day as demonstrated in Lisa Wheeler’s book “Turk and Runt”. This book labeled a Thanksgiving Comedy tells the tale of 2 turkeys. Turk is is a strong, football playing celebrity and his brother Runt who is more brains than brawn. When visitors start showing up at the farm, Turk’s parents are proud to show of their sons athletic abilities while Runt realizes there is more to the visitors appearance than just a fan’s normal excitement. Through determination and  fearless actions Runt manages to save Turk over and over but when the tables are turned and Runt is selected for the dinner table, his family finally realizes Runt was right all along.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and take time to share your favorite Thanksgiving story with the children in your life.


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“If You Ask Me (and of course you won’t)”, by Betty White

If You Ask Me With all the scandal of modern Hollywood actors it is nice to read about one who takes herself and her career seriously. Betty White may not have planned to be an actor growing up but she found her place in TV and movies. White looks at her career as a job that provides the means to support what she truly loves. Animals.

This book gives brief glimpses into White’s personal and professional life. While there is no apparent order to the book it engages you from the beginning and keeps you entertained.

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“Hotshot”, by Julie Garwood

hotshot At fourteen, Finn MacBain, grew up. No longer was he a wild teen doing nothing but causing mischief, he faced death, even if it wasn’t his own. At six, Peyton Lockhart, almost died. If it wasn’t for the fast action of Finn MacBain she would have drowned in her own swimming pool.

That day Peyton found a hero. Now almost 20 years later she needs a hero again. What looked like a dream job turned into a nightmare of sexual harassment. Peyton leaves the job but not before she gets proof of what was happening in hopes of stopping it from happening again. It’s not that easy though as she is shot at and almost forced off the road. Adding to that mess, Peyton and her sister are trying to turn their Uncle’s resort in Florida around and someone keeps sabotaging their efforts.

There is only one thing for Peyton to do after escaping the bullets that damaged her car. She calls her Hero, now an FBI agent, and Finn proves once again that when danger threatens he can be quite the Hotshot.

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“The Camel Club”, by David Baldacci

Camel Club It was actually the premier of the TV show “King and Maxwell” that inspired me to pick up a Baldacci book. While The Camel Club is not part of the King and Maxwell series it was still a wonderful political thriller featuring the Secret Service, Security Agencies and an unlikely group of conspiracy theorists.

When Oliver Stone and the Camel Club witness a murder during one of their club meetings they begin to unravel one of the biggest political plots of the century. Plans are underway to kidnap the President, start a terrorism panic and launch a nuclear war.

Can a group of conspiracy misfits and one Secret Service agent stop the plan in time before millions of people are killed? The Camel Club will entertain you and leave you ready to pick up the next book in the series.


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“The Heist”, by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

Hiest  It’s undeniable that the plot line of this book is very similar to a popular USA Network show. International Con Man and the FBI Agent who spender her career tracking and arresting him.

After being hit by a bus, (that’s one way to stop a thief) Nick Fox cuts a deal with the Director of the FBI to use his skills and talents to find and trap other Con Men, embezzlers, and worse criminals than himself.

FBI Agent Kate O’Hare’s FBI career lost its excitement after capturing Nick Fox but is she willing to work outside the FBI rule book to partner with him on bigger and more exciting cases? Will she be able to accept letting one criminal go free in exchange for catching other criminals?

Fox and O’Hare team up with a new crew of ‘non-criminals’ to pull of the biggest heist yet and bring to justice a corrupt money marketer who stole half a billion dollars. But when the case is over, Fox better watch his back because O’Hare is still looking for a chance to catch him breaking the law and arrest him again.

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“Blossom Sisters”, by Fern Michaels

Blossom Sisters

When Gus Hollister’s wife locked him out and filed for divorce, he tried to go back to the Grandma who raised him.

There was no welcome party though when Granny Rose, Aunt Iris and Aunt Violet told him he wasn’t welcome back to the old farmhouse. Gus hadn’t listened to their warnings about marrying a gold digger and since he turned his back on them, they are more than willing to turn their back on him.

Gus undertakes a journey to get his life back in order with the help of his best friend Barney. He knows something is up with his Aunts and Grandma. He decides that mending bridges with his family is just what he needs to get past the mess his life has become.

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“The Mystery Woman”, by Amanda Quick

In this 2nd book of the Ladies of Lantern Street, Quick tells the story of Beatrice Lockwood.Image Beatrice became a paranormal consultant at the Academy of the Occult only to have her boss murdered during a kidnapping attempt.

Now several months later, Beatrice is an investigative agent for the Finch & Marsh Agency. She is hired by Joshua Gage to catch a blackmailer. Gage’s history as an spy for the Crown has given him a special skill for investigation but injuries has forced him to retire.

A simple case of blackmail turns into a plan to once again kidnap Beatrice. Can a paranormal investigator and a retired spy, who does not believe in the paranormal, stop the evil plans of a killer?

Quick once again presents a well written British historical with touches of the paranormal and unique characters.

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“Crystal Gardens”, by Amanda Quick

ImageThere aren’t a lot of respectable positions for a spinster in regency England and it is even more difficult when you possess a psychical talent. That is why the Flint and Marsh Agency specializes in placing women into positions as governesses, companions and tutors. Only their employers know the real job is to privately investigate suitors.

When Evangeline Ames’s last job results in 2 murder attempts she is given refuge at the Crystal Gardens, under the watchful eye of Lucas Sebastian.

Lucas has moved into the Crystal Gardens estate to uncover the mystery behind his uncle’s death and the paranormal energy that is causing a deadly danger in the estates gardens.

Together Evangeline and Lucas will uncover century old secrets, foil robbery attempts, unveil murderers and rescue themselves from death. All with Quick’s trademark paranormal abilities. This is the first in the Ladies of Lantern Street series.

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“The Wanderer”, by Robyn Carr


Departing from Virgin River, Robyn Carr is exploring the new town of Thunder Point in this first book of the series. Hank Cooper arrives in Thunder Point following

the death of his Army friend Ben. Little does he know that Ben left him valuable beach front property and a hazard of a Bait Shop. Cooper never stays in one place very long so he plans to fix and sell quickly and wander on to a new place and new job.

Cooper never expected to make friends, fight against high school bullying, solve a murder or meet someone as adverse to permanent relationships as he is. But life proves to be full of surprises when Cooper starts to discover that settling down and taking on responsibilities leads to more happiness than traveling around the country.

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